sexta-feira, 3 de junho de 2011

How come almost this entire blog is about you? It's about the pain you made me feel. I'ts about me trying to express myself happy,too. About me trying to make you understand what I felt when you did those things that hurted me the most. This entire thing is about us... And by reading this,looks like I had suffered more than I enjoy it. But I know it isn't true. Nothing compares to the happiness you made me feel. I am sure,I really was verry happy,with you. But when I am sad,I don't know what to do,don't know what to think... So I write. And now,thinking about it better... This blog is about stage I crossed. This blog is about me. This is my entire soul. It begins with me,forgetting someone. It pass by you all the crazy things I felt... And know I feel free to write about someone else. To write about whoever I want to.To write about all the crazy feelings that are coming... How come this entire blog is about me?

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