sábado, 1 de maio de 2010

Sooner than later, I'll need a saviour

Everything's running so fast. Everything's spinnig around. And all I know is falling down. I know,everything changes. And that changes are driving me crazy. My feelings are driving me crazy. You are driving me crazy. I don't know what to think anymore. I don't know what to do anymore. I always thought that loving you,was enough. I guess for me,it was enough,but not for you. I need to find my way. I need to understand what's going on. I need you to help me,to explain to me. 'Cause I can't do it alone. I can't do it all over again. I can't lose you. Not right now. I just need to hear all the right things. I just need you to be with me. I guess you can't see how much you mean to me. And I don't know how to say. I never knew. I'm not good at this,at all. I like to hear it,but I don't like to say. How to say I love you,I want to be with you,and I want you to be mine,I want to be only yours ? How to say this,without being afraid of the answer ? Well... I'm always afraid of the answer. I'm always afraid of the "after". In fact,I've never took a risck for anything but this. And I don't know if worth it anymore. I need to find all the reasons to carry on. And I need you to do it too. 'Cause I'm feeling like you're needing this as much as I need...

Yeah,ta uma bagunça,mas foi oq veio na minha mente ... chega :(

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